Welcome to Me

Facts about me:

2012-06-18 12.59.10.jpg
Me, when I was still cute.

I’m 25.

I live in Pittsburgh with my boyfriend, Tanner.

I’m a Leo, Gryffindor-Thunderbird, and I am ride-or-die for House Targaryen.

I daylight as a Content Marketing Account Manager, so I know what I’m doing. I moonlight as a Pringle Specialist.

My favorite TV shows are Parks & Rec and Game of Thrones.

If I was on the MTV show Next, my 3 facts would be:

  1. Paris Hilton once commented on her Instagram.
  2. Hates weird textured foods.
  3. Likes to speak in weird accents.

My love language is Spotify playlists, so this is what I would sound like if I were one: