Seriously!!! This blog is really just a little hobby for me, I know I won’t have tons of viewers…and that’s totally fine…but not creating one single post in SIX months?? Pitiful! I couldn’t even remember how to log in! So with that being said, I’m not making any promises to myself that I’ll get much better, but I thought it was time to break out the old lap top and share these precious pics that we recently had done…. Read more »

I’ve never been one to make New Year’s resolutions. Partly because I know how I am. I am a procrastinator who is pretty set in her ways. My husband would tell you I’m one of the worsts when it comes to starting something and not finishing it…sad but true! I am also constantly getting new ideas in my head, that leave the old ones in the dust. But, I think there is something refreshing about the New Year. It’s a… Read more »

Hi everyone! We are finally enjoying some beautiful fall weather here in Georgia, and I’ve been craving some serious fall goodness, so last night I decided to make stuffed acorn squash, creamy delicious risotto, and my go to spinach salad. Stuffed squash recipes have been popping up all over pinterest lately, and I knew I had to have some. I made an adapted version of this one. I’ve made different variations of this meal through the years, but these are… Read more »