Then he lay down close by

and whispered with a smile,

“I love you right up to the moon-

and back.”


Last weekend we celebrated my little man’s 1st birthday. I still cannot believe he is one! I know everyone says it, but seriously…where does the time go? I began planning his party when I was pregnant with him, and since we didn’t know what we were having, I tossed around several theme ideas. When he was around six months old I narrowed down the theme. Just about everyone knows about the sweet book Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney. It is such a beautiful tale that illustrates the immeasurable love between a parent and a child. We have read this book many, many times, and I just knew that I wanted it to be the theme for this very special celebration. I had so much fun planning and creating for my first ever boy party! Here are some of the highlights and favorite pics…enjoy!

I took these “hot air balloon” pictures about a week before the party to use as party decor. He LOVED the balloons and they made for some adorable pictures! I made the poster using PicMonkey–a FREE photo editor that is super easy to use! I think it added a big punch to the party decor!

I focused a lot of attention in the dining room, where the cake and food were set up. I love how the big fringe garland over the buffet turned out! Check out my tutorial to make your very own! My very good friends at Forage and Flower did all of the flowers–and they were absolutely amazing! Thank you Melanie and Katherine!


This adorable and delicious cake was made by my extremely talented neighbor, Michelle. It was almost too pretty to eat…I kind of had a tiny panic attack when we started cutting into it!


And don’t forget the simple and sweet smash cake! I wanted to keep it simple so it would stand out against the aqua high chair and ribbon banner. Did I mention that I totally lucked out on finding this high chair on Craig’s List about 2 weeks before the party?! It was quite an adventure getting it, but for $20 bucks and an $8 can of chalk paint from Hobby Lobby, I think it was all worth it!


He was so cute when we all sang “Happy Birthday” to him. That little face!!






Such love from big sisters!


table close up

Here is a close up of the beautiful flowers. I love the radishes, moss, and carrots!!


I am not a baker–and don’t have much patience–so the fact that I made all of these cookies, and they actually turned out decent, and edible is nothing short of a miracle! I found the wooden boxes on sale at Michael’s for the cookie pop display. They were actually one of my favorite details from the party!

And how sweet are the cookies with the edible wafer paper images from the book? They turned out better than I could have hoped! You can grab some for yourself at JPEGgeneration on Etsy.


For party favors, I made simple moon and star shaped cookies. I added a chalk board sign from Henry to set the tone. I found the banner from Pretty Paper Cottage on Etsy, loved the beautiful illustrations from the book.



I love decorating with mason jars. I found these blue ones at Target and couldn’t resist. I added some simple Baby’s breath and a sweet printable from Gracie Lee Designs…and voila! Who says Baby’s breath is a tacky filler flower?! I love it’s simplicity!


I also used Mason jars as our glasses. These were so simple and cute. If you have an abundance of mason jars like I do…then do this! It was easy and inexpensive! The tops are just cupcake liners with a paper straw poked through.


Big sis LOVED drinking out of them!


He loved opening his presents, but wanted to play and explore each one before moving onto the next. The scooter was a big hit! Thank you Nana and Pop!



Happy 1st birthday to my precious baby boy! You have brought more joy to our lives than we ever thought possible! I love you to the moon and back baby boy!!

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