Seriously!!! This blog is really just a little hobby for me, I know I won’t have tons of viewers…and that’s totally fine…but not creating one single post in SIX months?? Pitiful! I couldn’t even remember how to log in! So with that being said, I’m not making any promises to myself that I’ll get much better, but I thought it was time to break out the old lap top and share these precious pics that we recently had done…. Read more »

I’ve never been one to make New Year’s resolutions. Partly because I know how I am. I am a procrastinator who is pretty set in her ways. My husband would tell you I’m one of the worsts when it comes to starting something and not finishing it…sad but true! I am also constantly getting new ideas in my head, that leave the old ones in the dust. But, I think there is something refreshing about the New Year. It’s a… Read more »

“Buried with Christ in Baptism, Raised to Walk in Newness of Life!” Yesterday was such a special day for us! My sweet Lila Gayle made the step of faith to be baptized! It was one of those moments as a parent when your heart wants to leap out of your chest because it is bursting with joy! Lila is 8, so when she came to us over the summer and told us that she accepted Jesus into her heart, and… Read more »

Hi everyone! We are finally enjoying some beautiful fall weather here in Georgia, and I’ve been craving some serious fall goodness, so last night I decided to make stuffed acorn squash, creamy delicious risotto, and my go to spinach salad. Stuffed squash recipes have been popping up all over pinterest lately, and I knew I had to have some. I made an adapted version of this one. I’ve made different variations of this meal through the years, but these are… Read more »

The same weekend I held Henry’s first birthday party, I also hosted a baby shower for my dear friend Whitney. I have known this girl since we were in pre-school! I was so excited to co-host this shower for her first baby! It was also fun to do something pink and girly the day after having everything blue. The pro of having two parties in one weekend is getting to use some of the same decor, the con is that… Read more »

For Henry’s 1st birthday dessert table, I knew I wanted a backdrop that made a big impact. I searched and searched on pinterest for something that would be cute, but not crazy expensive, or hard to make. I was so happy when I stumbled upon this diy crepe paper fringe garland over on Oh Happy Day. You can find even more detailed instructions here. Something important to remember is not to use crepe paper streamers for this. I guess you… Read more »

Then he lay down close by and whispered with a smile, “I love you right up to the moon- and back.” Last weekend we celebrated my little man’s 1st birthday. I still cannot believe he is one! I know everyone says it, but seriously…where does the time go? I began planning his party when I was pregnant with him, and since we didn’t know what we were having, I tossed around several theme ideas. When he was around six months… Read more »

I’m so glad you’re here! I’ve had the idea of this blog in my mind for a long time now, and so excited to finally be starting it. I’m hoping that this blog can be a fun outlet for me to share ideas and moments from my everyday life. And, if it can offer a little bit of inspiration for you too, then that’s even better! I’m excited to start this journey…thanks for stopping by!